API Method /venues/withdraw

Given a venue ID, sets the venue record to be withdrawn. Withdrawn venues no longer show up in search results. Please note that events attached to venue will not be withdrawn and will still link to the venue.


This method requires user authentication.
id string
The id of the requested venue.
note text
An optional note describing why the venue has been withdrawn. (optional)

Example Request

Here's an example request URL:


Output Parameters

Output from this function is an XML block with the following constructs.
status string
message string
Venue withdrawn

Example XML Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<response status="ok">
  <message>Venue withdrawn</message>

Error Codes

This method may return these errors in an error document:

Authentication error
The specified user was not found or provided invalid credentials.
Missing venue id
The id parameter is mandatory.
Permission Denied
The authorized user does not have permission to withdraw this venue