API Method /performers/links/add

This function adds a link to a performer.


This method requires user authentication.
id string
The performer ID. Required
link string
The link url being added. Required
Description of the link being added. Optional
link_type_id int
The type of link being added. Corresponds to one of the follow values. Required
1 Info
2 Office
3 News
4 Review
5 Sponsor
6 Tickets
8 Chat
14 Webcast
15 Blog
16 Other
17 Official Site
18 Podcast
19 Website
20 Wiki
21 MySpace
22 Ringtone
23 Facebook
24 Official Tickets
25 Twitter

Example Request

Here's an example URL:

http://api.eventful.com/rest/performers/links/add?...&id=P0-001-000001237-8&link_type_id=17&link=http://mywebsite/linked_url&description=A link to the Band's website

Output Parameters

Output from this function is an XML block with the following constructs:
status string
Link added successfully.

Example XML Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response status="ok">
  <message>Link added successfully.</message>

Error Codes

This method may return these errors in an error document:

Authentication error
The specified user was not found or provided invalid credentials.
Missing parameter
The 'id' and 'link_type_id' parameters are mandatory.
Not found
Performer is not a valid performer.