API Method /events/modify

Modifies an existing event.


This method requires user authentication.
id string
The event ID to modify.
title string
The event title. (optional)
start_time string
The event start time, in ISO 8601 format (e.g. "2005-03-01 19:00:00"). (optional)
stop_time string
The event stop time, if any, in ISO 8601 format (e.g. "2005-03-01 19:00:00"). (optional)
tz_olson_path string
The event timezone, as listed in the Olson timezones database (e.g. "America/New_York") (optional)
all_day boolean
True ("1") if the event is an all-day event, false ("0") otherwise. (optional)
description string
The event description. (optional)
privacy integer
The privacy setting for this event. (1 = public, 2 = private, 3 = semi-private) (optional)
tags string
A space-delimited list of tags. (optional)
free boolean
True ("1") if the event is free, false ("0") otherwise. (optional)
price string
A text string describing the event price. For example, this could indicate a price range ("$15 - $35"), free but donations requested ("$10 donation suggested"), or other special instructions ("Adults $15, children under eight $5"). Don't pass this parameter or leave it blank if there is no price information. (optional)
venue_id integer
The ID of the venue where this event occurs. Use /venues/new or /venues/search retrieve an appropriate ID. (optional)
parent_id string
The ID of this event's parent event. If empty, removes the parent event. (optional)

Example Request

Here's an example request URL:


Output Parameters

Output from this function is an XML block with the following constructs:
status string
The ID of this event.
Modify event complete

Example XML Response

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<response status="ok">
  <message>Modify event complete</message>

Error Codes

This method may return these errors in an error document:

Authentication error
The specified user was not found or provided invalid credentials.
Missing parameter
A mandatory parameter was not set.
Invalid Venue
The specified venue_id was not found.